Item No: QEW-64oz-2P

Quantum Energy Water 2-Pack of 64 ounce Bottles

2 each 64 ounce Bottles

Description: Process to perfection using a modern technology that wipes the memory of water back to perfect as God made it in the beginning of life. Just add one ounce into a gallon of superior quality drinking water and see the different for yourself. This units makes sixty-four gallons of drinking water. NOTE: Do Not drink without dilution for the first 45 days. This H2O will detox your body slowly. Quantum Energy Water) developed through a series of combined devices until we found the best results of quality and purity. The water run through filters and vortexes then into the processor, that heats and cools the water over one hundred times per gallon. This process wipes the memory of the water as it removes the heavy deuterium content. That in turns will change the hydrogen bond angle from 104 to approximately 114 or higher. Now the water is pure, clean, and more powerful than other water and it delivers about eighteen times more oxygen to your blood stream. Remember the only way to get pure oxygen into your body is through water, not air. Then the better hydrogen burns off faster and will increase energy and overall body improvement. This perfect water is like the day God created the earth before humanity. HEW is so perfect and strong it must place in glass containers until diluted for consumption. HEW is so powerful it only takes one ounce into a gallon of good drinking water to convert the entire gallon to better H2O. Can used undiluted as a spray for your face and entire body for an amazing change in complexion. Works on blemishes, skin tags and acme. Can put directly into eyes, ears and under the tongue. Also works in CPAP units, Nebulizers and you can use in vaping to help loose the addiction to smoking. Shipping prices are going up daily and because our products are Liquid the US Post Office is not a good option for shipping. The more you add to an order, the better rate we get. So please feel free to send us an email with your order, we will get the best shipping rate and send you a link to pay. This will help save you money!! email to:

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