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About Clean Kids USA Products and Services

About CleanKids USA

Every Church, School, Team, Club and Group needs fundraising from time to time.  So by asking people to help with their cause with products that all households buy and use anyway, the customer is not spending extra money, they are just swapping dollars they are spending somewhere else.

We develop our product carefully so they each are good for the people using them as well as good for the planet.  Once you start using them, you will never switch brands again.

CleanKids Laundry Detergent  came from an ideal when my two small boys where in grade school and always having drive’s to raise money for what the class or school needed.  I was so tired of buying items that I didn’t need to help the school.  As a compounder in my own business I set out to create a product that every home uses, and the first product was born.  This product is concentrated so you only use ½ to 1 ounce to a full load of clothes.  It’s 100% biodegradable, no filler, color or fragrance’s added. People with sensitive skin praise this product and it ability to work, clean and not harm them. No more softeners or drier sheet will be needed saving you more money.

Surface Cleaner/Sanitizer is my favorite all round product, but the best part of using it you don’t even see!  While cleaning any surface you are leaving behind a protective coating that will remain active to help the reduction of germ transmission between people, kids and pets.

MonoMend Lotion is one of the best moisturizes you will ever use. This product is cationic charged to produce an environment that germs and bacteria cannot survive. Therefore the use of MonoMend helps to create a natural healing process.

Hand Sanitizer is a remarkable product unlike any other sanitizer on the market. It contains no alcohol that can cause your skin to dry out. It leaves a protective barrier that will help prevent the transmission of germs and viruses. It will leave your skin soft with a feel of protection.

Our Shampoos are specially formulated for people, kids and pets. Unlike others on the market we have left out all of the unsafe components in our shampoos. Our shampoo is all-natural and will improve your natural hair growth and healthiness.

MonoClean is our secret ingredient that makes our product line different and functional. Not only are we good cleaners but every product leaves behind a coating or barrier to help protect you from germ transmission.

Our system contains a four echelons of protection against germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and mildewOur key ingredient is Glycerol Monolaurate combined with Sugar Quaternary, Boron Quaternary and EDTA. Each and every component of our system is food grade additives. Our systems are also positively charged in which germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew cannot survive or reproduce.