Item No: TR-4OZ

Toothpaste (Repair) 4 OZ

Chocolate & Peppermint


One of our newest product lines designed with your oral health in mind. We started with our Quantum Energy Water, then we added all of the good, natural ingredients that promote tooth and gum health. Products contain bone meal, trace minerals, MonoClean®, Monolaurin and peppermint as active ingredients in the dental wash, and added Chocolate Nibs and/or Charcoal in the RepairPaste. Why Chocolate Nibs in the toothpaste? They work as a mild abrasive that will remove plaque without damaging the teeth’s enamel, and the MonoClean® leaves behind a protective coating on your teeth. Your teeth will feel the difference and your Dentist will be amazed — it’s your secret cavity fighting tool!

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Price: $8.00