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Everyday Hero Support provides equipment support to First Responders at no cost to the agency or individuals who use the equipment. We currently have several main programs open for supply including the \"Cardiac Cruisers Campaign\" - to provide AED units for police cruisers to provide support for Sudden Cardiac Arrest events; \"Body Camera Campaign\" - to provide body cameras to protect the officer and public during encounters with daily interactions; \"Voice Amplifier Campaign\" - for firefighters to have a clear communication tool during structure fire events; \"First Aid Kit Supply Campaign\" - to provide basic first aid kits for first responders for their vehicles and emergency situations. We work with the local agency to provide a fund raising platform to generate local support for equipment purchases that are not covered in the agency budget or to allow funds to be redirected to cover additional needs of the agency. Our ongoing programs seek to address needs of many agencies that do not have the tax base or funding ability to properly equip First Responder agencies across the country. Our only requirement is that the agency provide a Standard Operating Procedure for use and training so the equipment received will be properly used and ongoing training will be provided for proper use of the equipment.
Liam's Heart Sparks, NV

Reaching Out for Help to Heal Baby Liam\\\'s Heart by Ivonne Roberts

I have recently met a family and something spiritually inside of me has made me want to reach out to you and ask very humbly for assistance in aiding, strengthening and healing baby Liam, during struggling times. This smart, sweet, joyful, and loving baby boy was named \\\"Liam\\\" or \\\"Strong Willed Warrior\\\" when he was born on September 12, 2013. He is nearly 21 months old and was a miracle in the first place! Liam was born with Mosaic Down Syndrome and a Congenital Heart Defect called Atrial Septic Defect and has at least two (2) holes in his heart. Liam is developmentally behind and at first had very low tone. His upper body was exceptionally low in tone. He has come a long way and is getting stronger all the time. At 21 months, Liam is starting to Army crawl, say a few words, stand with assistance and rolls all over the house!

Liam\\\'s cardiologist, Dr. Joseph Ludwick of Children\\\'s Heart Center of Nevada, has been keeping a close eye on his heart, since birth. Currently, the holes are not closing and time is nearing that they will have to be repaired and closed. If not repaired, Liam can develop Hypertension and even Eisenmenger\\\'s Syndrome. Both increase mortality rates, significantly. The family will be driving from Reno to Las Vegas this fall for procedures at Sunrise Children\\\'s Hospital. Liam will first have a procedure to to look closer at the size of the holes with a camera guided down his esophagus to determine if devices are likely to be able to be attached to the holes. They will be attempting to use a catheter method to reach his heart and close the holes with small devices. While attempting to do so, there must be enough tissue on each side of the hole for attachment, among other factors. Hopefully, this method works and he can avoid having to endure open heart surgery.

All funds are intended for Liam\\\'s nutrition and care leading up to the procedure(s) and for recovery. In addition, any funds would cover the family\\\'s costs for the trip to Las Vegas in fall and copays.

If you can be so kind and contribute any amount towards this loving family who is desperately trying to heal their little boy\\\'s heart it would be greatly appreciated.

Times are rough for most people right now, the last thing anyone with a child needing heart repair should worry about are finances. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading about #LiamsHeart.

The Greater Flint Arts Council (GFAC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is \"to be a catalyst of, and advocate for, increased artstic and cultural enrichment in our ethnically diverse community.\" The Council strives to promote and celebrate the arts-building new partnerships and to lay foundations of cultural growth for all the arts in our community.
Life Matters Chaparral, NM

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"All Life matters\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", whether it be a cat or dog without a home. Or a family trying to find shelter and security. We are advocates of rights to life no matter who you are.
Kids Kan Provo, Utah

The prophecies, say that it will be the younger generations that hear the calls of truth. We represent the light beings here on earth. In this time warriors of light will come forth and defend our freedom. We are creating physical means of contact after failure of the grid. Learning to become one with Mother Earth and Grandfather sky. Building together with love, giving forgiving, peace, harmony and surviving any impending catastrophes inevitable at this point. Gathering together building communities that will be part of the new beginning of our ascending planet.

Connecting to our brothers and sisters, connecting within the communities, bring people together in unity, educating humanity, talking to people and getting their perspectives about what is happening around the world. Earth First production is about giving back to humanity, by teaching people about what is real and what is illusion, it is about coming together for the sake of our children and our mother earth, it’s about facing the reality of what we are going through and the conditions of the planet. Facing the reality, that we ourselves needs to change in order to do what we were born to do, taking responsibility for our actions and moving forward with truth and intelligence.

Working on projects such as K-9 Unit, dog training and other needs. Walsenburg Police Dept

Academy of Ballet Arts focuses on developing and training well-rounded dancers in classical ballet and contemporary dance. The Academy provides a superior faculty with teachers who have received college degrees or have danced professionally.
Pueblo YMCA Pueblo, CO

Local YMCA

Welcoming and Supporting Individuals and Families to Grow in Faith.”
Faith calls us to creatively fulfill our mission.

We seek…

To open our arms and welcome our neighbors.
To spread our arms wider into the community through mission service.
To tell others about the ministry of our church.
To offer youth programs that encourage participation by children of all ages.

Mission for homeless
Unity of Nashville Nashville, TN