Our Re-Directional Giving© Program and how it Works

Everyone is lookingfor good effective products that are safe and natural. Churches, Schools, Clubs and Groups (any Non-Profit) need to raise money for their cause.  No one wants to become a delivery service or handle the products they are promotingand we all want to help save the planet. 

THE ANSWER:  Re-Directional Givin

-     Designed to share the wealth is our marketincampaign.

-     Your favorite Cause becomes the Retail Store.

-      The Products are delivered directly to your door.

-      Order on-line from your home or office.

-      Auto-Ship designed to work with your schedule, not ours.

-      You the customers will become our advertisers by spreading the word.

-      And “Your Cause” will flourish with needed funds because they receive the profits of the sale.

-      All you will do is Re-Directed you’re purchases by usinCleanKidsUSA.com that you would have

       spent with the BigBox Stores!


Each product is meticulously designed by our chemist and compounded like a pharmaceutical product and all ingredients are food grade.

We use Phase Chemistry and Nanotechnology, but our secret is we mimic the same plan as our Creator, which is a perfect system.

All products are based on what people use on a daily basis, and we include your pets. Each product contains all-natural ingredients and is manufactured with the least amount of water as possible. Therefore each product is high in concentration and should be used exactly as indicated.

Packagingis carefully considered to deliver the correct volume of product per load. Refill containers are available at a substantial discounted rate.

All of our products are a four echelon protection barrier that leaves a protective coatingon the surface that will remain for a period of time to help germs from transmission.